Scales & Modes of World Music: A Scale-Mode-Chord Matrix Containing 252 Musical Scales - PDF Version

from Todd Milne

A Scale-Mode-Chord Matrix Containing 252 Musical Scales Illustrating Structure, Relationships and Applications Includes Chord Harmonization and an Index of Traditional Names FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS - INCLUDES GUITAR FRETBOARD MAPS The Matrix Contains 4 Layers of Information: 1) Scales - interval recipes for 252 unique musical scales 2) Steps - graphic illustration of the step pattern of each scale 3) Modes - graphic illustration of the modal relationships between the scales 4) Chords - all available diatonic chord tones for each step of every scale - PDF Version

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Todd Milne Spokane, Washington

Todd Milne performs Electro-Acoustic World Fusion Music on Bamboo Flute & Box Guitars made by Mr. Milne himself. His style pays homage to traditions from around the world. Deeply contemplative and serene, the music permeates the environment and induces a transcendental sense of peace and relaxation, providing healing and respite from the stresses of modern living. ... more

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